Annual Business Planning – 3rd Jan 2020

Every year we will do our annual planning on the first month of the year. All of our consultants will gather together to discuss the business plan they have for themselves. Similar to annual reviews that we do for our clients, we do annual reviews for our own business too. Although they say the road to success is often a lonely one, but collectively we can achieve so much more than doing things on our own. 

Below is some of the take away from 2020 business planning: 

  • “Be consistent with what you do” — Mervin Ng
    Most of our top FC are consistent with what they do daily. They come to office, set appointment and reach out to their clients on a daily basis. A good business system will helps shorten the road to your goal.
  • “Everyday take 1 habit and 1 action to move towards the ideal you” — Shinni Hong
    Apart from our business, we also strive to achieve personal growth for ourselves. It can be as simple as drinking water daily. It takes 21 days to form a habit.
  • “Fight the enemy of procrastination, fight the enemy of complacency!” — Chia Jenny
    Are you a procrastinator? Many times we like to procrastinate and take actions later. We only have 24 hours in a day. Therefore we have to manage our time and get things done within the deadline. If we procrastinate, before we know it, there will be a mountain of work waiting for us. When we are complacent with what we have done, we will become lazy and ultimately fail to achieve what we can do.

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